Wintendo is a revolutionary new gaming website, founded summertime of 2006, with the intent of providing its users a fun and unique way to get in touch and make friends with other users with common interests. We started as a very small website primarialy for Nintendo gamers; as a large gaming clan that evolved from kevind23’s Asphyxiation clan for Metroid Prime Hunters. Since then, we have made many changes and rennovations, and now we have launched a brand new version of Wintendo, with more robust features than ever before!

Wintendo boasts many unique features for gamers to meet other gamers, make friends, and have fun! Members of Wintendo can enjoy things such as an online emblem creator and gallery; a Castlevania Portrait of Ruin item index; an Animal Crossing catalogue and turnip watch; customizable sub-clans, or squads, for any online-enabled video game; a video game music radio; integrated ‘art shops’; as well as the soon-to-be-released gaming hubs, an integrated system for tournaments, clan matches, and casual matches between members; plus much more! We also feature reviews, news, and previews about upcoming and released games, as well as a robust forum system for discussing anything that comes to mind, and finally, an IRC chatroom for chatting with other memebers in real time!

We are proud to bring all of this to you at NO cost–membership is completely free, and we are devoted to maintaining a fast and efficient website with minimal advertisements and never any fees!

Wintendo, as a whole, is geared toward Nintendo gamers; while we will soon release new features for non-Nintendo platforms, the majority of our features were created with Nintendo games and gamers in mind. Wintendo forums include specialized areas of discussion for different gaming platforms to help reduce fanboyism (The natural tendencies in all of us to slander our least favorite prodcuts and ideas, and instead promote our own ideas and interests).

Currently in its beta state, we can unfortunately not deliver all of the features promised at once; some may have limited functionality and others may be buggy. We assure you that we are working hard to correct these errors and have the site, in its entirety, ready for a final release within a few weeks into March.

So what are you waiting for? Get started by viewing the blog posts and joining Wintendo!



  1. But on a serious note, what’s with Regijelly? That’s one of the lamest fakes I’ve ever seen, and i’ve seen a lot of fakes.

  2. I did it wrong.

  3. Hmmm, wasn’t this that site with the god awful red layout? Anyways, I can’t wait for you guys to be like “Yeah! Our site is so much better than your crappy site!” Because, probably no one will be there. For we, are moving to a new site. If you really feel like finding the link, go to our site. Follow the obvious clue… if you’re smart enough.


    PS: How did we get owned? If we even did, it didn’t really do much.

  4. Firstly, Savior, that image was created by MegaManZ and if you have a problem with it, you can talk to him. You should know that it has absolutely nothing to do with Wintendo, and will probably be taken down when I get around to it anyway.

    Secondly, “Good friend”, yes. This was the site with the dark red layout, and although I know some people don’t like dark themes the general opinion was that it looked much better than WiTendoFi’s theme. Additionally, I could really care less that you are moving, and I really don’t think anyone here wants to go visit your little primitive website.

    PS: You got owned because when I had the actual link up to the forum post mentioning us, it automatically redirected to penisland. Now I’m sure that you guys over at WiTendoFi enjoy that, but I thought it would be best to just filter it out.

  5. And finally, I’d like to thank all of you for checking up on Wintendo. It’s nice to see that you guys at WiTendoFi are so exited about our site that you continually check up to see how we’re coming along 🙂

  6. Not necessarily excited, just bewildered that you thought your old forum was better than ours. At the time it might’ve been as we’ve gone through numerous horrid layouts, but our current forums beat your design by a long shot. I’d hate to also judge your forums upon One Click Wifi’s forums, as I have only seen it in snippets that the lead coder has posted, but I’d say that it looks smoother and has a better layout than the new forum pictures you have posted.

    I am also aware that the Regijelly was there for no real reason, I just felt like nit-picking something.

    And on the note of our web site being “primitive”, you seem to be contradicting yourself as our site bests your site in every category AND the fact that we have wifi cards.

    I’ll end up joining this site anyway as I like to be part of a lot of communities, so I’m probably just digging my own grave here, but meh, I said what had to said and hope it can some how be used as critique.

  7. Actually, Regijello is no serious fake. Imagination can go for 5 minutes, people. >.> …so quick to criticize… Plus, the coloring of Regijello there is wrong. 😛

    “Good Friend,” give a good reason that your site is ANY better than ours. No good reason? Good, stop bothering us. Member numbers don’t matter – I bet most of yours are no-posters anyway. : |

  8. “Not necessarily excited, just bewildered that you thought your old forum was better than ours.”

    To start out, Wintendo is much more than just forums. Aaron here has coded our entire forum system plus most of the backend for the dark themed version plus the upcoming generation|2. While it lacked some functionality because it was still, really, at an alpha stage, the new system that will be released ASAP will have full functionality and should be just as good as any other forum system out there. I never really comment on forum systems because most are about the same when it comes to features, but some may be designed better than others, and I respect that. I also credit developers of any website who choose to create their own forum system instead of using a premade version, like vBulletin.

    The preview pictures for the new forum system and new website are merely exported images from Photoshop designs and merely reflect the basic design and interface of the site and its features. Because they are not screenshots of the website as viewed in a web browser they differ from the actual version that is to be released.

    What I mean by your current website (excluding “One Click WiFi”) being “primitive” is that it is very basic and lacks advanced features that Wintendo will soon offer. And as of yet your website probably *has* bested us in the categories it competes with us in (we offer features that you lack and you offer features we lack), however we hope that generation|2 will fix the broken features and poor layout and make it just as good, if not better, than any other Nintendo WiFi site out there.

    Finally, about your “WiFi Cards”, we have no real need for them. Because we don’t like to copy people, we will never implement something like this, but rest assured it will be very easy for users to find what games other users own and what their friendcodes are. While I agree that they are a very cool feature I must say if they are such an integral part of your website then your website must not be very advanced as they are as simple as an avatar with some friendcodes and images attached.

    We welcome any and all users here, and your critique is much obliged and will be taken into consideration while we’re working on the site ;).

  9. Just as you’re striving to have all your features readily available to your members, WiTendoFi is also trying to achieve this. We have realized that our site was, indeed, lacking features that are critical for a Nintendo WiFi Connection web site, and that is why we teamed up with WiFi Nintendo, which basically had all of the features we were unable to muster, and combine the two sites to give our members the best wifi experience on One Click Wifi. I know that Wintendo is more than a forum, but so far all I’ve seen are the forums, which is why I was comparing only the forums. I’ve yet to see any other part of the site (besides, obviously, the blog) so I can’t really comment on anything else. The only problem that my friend “CV” and I had with your site was that you came out and blatantly flamed WiTendoFi for seemingly no reason and one of our members posted a topic exaggerating the entire incident, leading us to believe that you and your team were developing a mock-WiTendoFi to make fun of us, but I can now safely say that is not the case. After reading through all of the posts on your blog and I can see that you and your team are working hard to achieve your wifi web site, and I will not pester you further.

  10. Also, good luck on your site. Hope it becomes successful. 😀

  11. “You came out and blatantly flamed WiTendoFi for seemingly no reason”

    Where did you see this? We’ve never flamed any other website! We’re here to make friends, not enemies.

    Also, thanks 🙂

  12. Again, that was one of our members exaggerating the entire thing. He dragged out the “WiTendoFi got owned” message on the BETA home page of your site to be something of monstrous proportions, when it was really nothing.

  13. (In case you haven’t noticed, to reduce spam some comments have to be approved before they are posted so don’t bother posting them twice :P)

    At any rate, we never said that. We mentioned ABXY, and ABXY only on the homepage only because Aaron and I are veterans to the site (DSmeet, actually). It was more of a joke than anything serious, plus it was for our eyes only so we thought it to be fairly harmless.

    I will admit that I linked to “witendofi.justgotowned.com”, but that was in a RECENT page that originated AFTER that user dragged that out. Plus, as mentioned above that was only to prevent our users from redirecting to penisland.

  14. Yeah, sorry about double posting. My computer is slow and didn’t show the message after I posted it so I posted it again.

    But thanks for clearing that up. I’ll be on my way, now. Feel free to drop and email at ysavior@gmail.com if you finish the site, updated something, etc.

  15. No prob 🙂 I would probably have done the same thing; I doubt WordPress bothers to tell people that their comment is awaiting approval.

  16. Hey hey hey!

    This is Alain from OneClick Wi-Fi. Seriously guys. I’m a co-founder at OCW along with JonathanEx. I’m a fairly new admins and I really just wanted to say. What is this? Come on, we’re two sites. We shouldn’t be trating eachother badly. Also don’t take any crap from our users, they’re just protective of the site. Trust me, I speak for OCW when I say we hope you guys the best 🙂

    Everyone good? 😀

  17. Ah yes, sorry for double commenting but I just wanted to say so that you were award: the other day one of your users came to our chat and spammed…

    Just so you are aware.

  18. We have users? Members? What?

    Kev, wy don;t I know about users and such?

  19. Alain,
    I sincerely apologize for the chat incident ^^;;, and I hope that we can put that aside, as I too would like to make friends, not enemies. Our shared goal as gaming sites is to provide our users the BEST experience possible, and we shouldn’t be dragging others down in an attempt to raise ourselves up and gain more users. As it stands, Wintendo is not notorious for being the most popular gaming site on the net but Aaron and I are two aspiring coders and this large project is a great first step into the world of design and programming. If Wintendo is not at first, or ever, a success, it’s not all that important to me. What is most important to me and hopefully the rest of the staff here is that we offer our users and potential users the most powerful site we can offer them, even if our userbase may be limited.

    Judging by the fact that you gained 3000 or so users in the first few minutes that the site was released (hehe I got userID #20), your site looks like it is a success and will hopefully go far. Although I can never fully expect to have that many users join Wintendo in even the first few MONTHS I hope that we too will be a success in the long run, at least as far as functionality, and of course, hospitality (or however you would word that, for the internet of course :P) goes.

  20. MegaManZ: What do you mean? We have users…

  21. Huh, you mean the old site people? I thought the only ones who are stuck with it as of yet are you, me, ForteXX, and Air.

    Guess I was wrong.

  22. Yeah we might not have OVER NINE THOUSAND!! But we still have a good amount.

  23. Don’t worry, I have enough awesome for OVER NINE THOUSAND users. 🙂

  24. What?

  25. All I see is the typical ads on a parked domain.

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