Posted by: Kevin | January 22, 2007

xbox 360 motion sensor?

Nintendo started it. Sony copied it. Now Microsoft is joining in the bandwagon of motion sensitivity. A homebrew device, as seen in the embedded video, demonstrates a simple modification to the controller that enables it to detect tilt on two axis.

Apparently Nintendo’s innovative Wiimote was pretty dang innovative, because now it’s on every current system imaginable (including PS2 and NDS).

I’m actually quite surprised. I’d never had thought I’d see the day that the 360, too, would receive special motion treatment, but alas, I was wrong. I have to get me on of these!! (Once, of course, I get an xbox :P)

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  1. nintendo wii can go kiss my ass

  2. The motion sensor for the 360 was not developed by microsoft. It was developed by the community. Please research before you post failures like this.

  3. “…HOMEBREW device, as seen in the embedded video…”

  4. Let’s use logic:

    1) Homebrew devices are irrelevant to the company that makes the console they’re used on – thus, they mean nothing.

    2) TEH XBOX PH41LS. (ignore that if you like :P)

    3) P$3, due to its jet-puffed price and not too many new tricks, will probably also fall short of what Sony expected.

    4) Wii is self-sufficient, and it just occurred to me why Nintendo chose the name:
    -random non-gamer hears the name Wii
    -random non-gamer says “What the [bad word] is that?”
    -random non-gamer is so clueless random non-gamer goes and tries it out
    -random non-gamer is absorbed by Wii Sports’ nifty controls and the Mii system
    -random non-gamer dreads the price tag, but finds it freaking $150 less than the closest other next-gen system
    -random non-gamer purchases Wii and becomes random gamer

    I guess what I’m saying is this: Wii is the innovation, and cheap ripoffs will go nowhere.

  5. Right, and I agree wholeheartedly that Wii is the innovation the gaming industry drastically has needed, but unfortunately for the time being it just doesn’t have the games to back it up.

  6. Excite Truck, Wii Sports, TP, Monkey Ball, along with WarioWare, Sonic, and Wii Play to follow, with Super Paper Mario and Pokemon Battle Revolution for new releases, and Super Mario Galaxy, MP3, and Super Smash Bros., the god of all fighting games, yet to come, how on Earth can you say that the Wii can’t back itself up?

  7. Out of that whole list the only game worth playing is Twilight Princess, excluding the lighthearted minigames of WarioWare and Wii Sports to pass the time with friends; Resident Evil 4 is a great fighter game, even though it’s already been released. Granted, Brawl and Metroid 3 will be great, and Galaxy has potential, but overall the 360 already has the upper hand when it comes to great, fulfilling games, and the Wii just has its collection of minigames with a good game here and there. 😦

    Plus, I want to use the Wiimote as a gun. I don’t want to play all these kids games; I want a real shooter, or at least something with blood. And aside from RE4, Wii has nothing. I’m sorry, but right now the 360 is winning in my book.

  8. Sonic, surprisingly, is exceedingly worthwhile, Excite Truck paves the way for more awesome racing games, Monkey Ball is the king of tilt control (no offense, Kirby), however over-sensitive you say it is, if you just play Wii Sports for a while you become addicted, I only played Wii Play with you for an hour and a half and I’m still wishing I had it, WarioWare is better than you expecte, and you’ve seen it for yourself, and Super Paper Mario (which I doubt you have) is an awesomely innovative platformer. Oh, and though Spider-Man 3 has been blasted in reviews, I thought the game was a blast itself.

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