Posted by: Kevin | October 4, 2007

Finally, Wintendo Launch!

Sigh…What is becoming of the internet these days?

We are approaching the grand launch of  Wintendo, Generation 2. We’d like to get it out there as soon as possible–now is the best time for it. With sites all around dropping out of the ‘business’, it’s now that we will be able to scoop up new users who have left other websites, probably for the better. While I won’t mention any in particular, many sites are simply boring its users and they are leaving, one by one, and moving on to bigger and better sites. One of those will eventually be Wintendo–that is our, the developers’, goal.

We have been working very hard to get this ready for a full-scale launch, and you’ve probably noticed by now that all (Yes, all) of Wintendo’s services are down. These should be back up as-soon-as-possible. But expect some changes along the way–we are debating name changes to some crucial services that better represent their true purposes. More on that soon…

However, not is all fine and well. We have some sad news to bring you; AerialX, a lead programmer, has lost the entire contents of his Hard Drive (lesson learned: Don’t use Mac), and  we have to revert to copies made back almost a month ago–a major setback. So, although I mentioned only a paragraph or so back that we would be launching soon; it’s not going to happen. Wintendo will launch by Christmas 2008 (25/12/07), and you can expect a full-featured launch. That means multiple themes, and the all robust features that we have been ranting and raving about. We hope to finish it early so we have time for extensive beta testing, and many of you may be invited in early to participate in this. We’ll keep you posted.

At any rate, we are really sorry. It’s been rough for us too–it’s a lot harder to make the site than it is to wait for it to be released. So, until we can get it up and running, please don’t think less of us because of how busy we are–instead, tell friends and lightly suggest it at “dying” forums and websites, and you can be assured that when the time comes, Wintendo will be complete, and it will be ready to launch with full celebrations.


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