Wintendo Staff

While we can’t afford to pay anyone just yet, Wintendo is currently kept afloat by these people:

Administrators – These guys freely regulate any aspect of the site, with complete control over everything.

Developers – These guys all contribute the most to the behind-the-scenes code that runs the site.

Designers – These guys all contribute to what the users see, the visual interface.

Moderators – These guys moderate the forums and have other special abilities and powers.

In addition, we also have many Chatroom Operators that help us out by moderating the IRC chatroom. These users can be identified at all times in the chatroom by their prefix, either ~, @, or %. While occasionally some may take the & prefix, this is usually reserved for bots.



  1. So I mod forums and chat. Is there any way I could contribute to the visual interface?

  2. Of course! With it’s very easy for designers to theme Wintendo, and we’re open to ideas from all of our users. If you have a design for the site you want to submit, just email it to me ( Make sure you can code it in valid XHTML 1.1 Transitional (or Strict is even better!) using primarily CSS, and it should work in all the major browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, etc.).

  3. :O The code talk returns!

    I’m going to start learning programming at home, and all I need are recommended languages to know for helping with the site, themes, images, etc.

  4. Well, if you want to help with the user interface (UI), I’d suggest learning XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Additionally, to make themes, you should be comfortable working in an image editing/design program, like Photoshop, The GIMP, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

  5. So if I learn XHTML, CSS, and Javascript, and I use Photoshop correctly, I can do it? Alright.

  6. Yes. If you wanted to help with backend, for future reference, you would need to know and C# and have experience with MySQL and/or MS SQL.

  7. *faints*

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