What is Wintendo?

What is WINtendo?
WINtendo is a brand new online gaming community geared toward Nintendo gamers and the Nintendo WiFi connection. Wintendo is, contrary to popular belief, not related with other definitions of “Wintendo” meaning Nintendo games played on Windows computers.

Yeah, so what exactly is it? What makes it stand out from other gaming sites?
Wintendo hopes to provide a new and interesting experience for games with many robust features. Although most are still in development, there are a few already released to the public. You can find those ready to use under the “Features” link.

Umm…ok. Just one more thing, what are these “clans” you keep talking about?
Ah, the clans. A “clan” is basically a team for an online game. When Nintendo WiFi was first made availible free to gamers, clans became a popular way to make the games more interesting by scheduling meets and holding competitions. However, over time, clans without enough members died out, and larger clans gained their members, making them still larger as well as making it harder for smaller, fledgling clans to survive. As you can see, this got out of hand quickly. Things got disorganized and tournaments failed. Wintendo is here to help. Instead of having hundreds of small clans, we decided to make a really big clan, where anyone who joins is elligible to play. Anyone who joins Wintendo is automatically entitled to play under our name. However, we didn’t want to make it too big. So we thought up a cool new twist–squads. Squads are small, “mini clans”, so to speak, that are all part of Wintendo as a whole, yet can fight seperately on their own. It’s a really neat feature. The Wintendo clan, then, is divided into 3 levels. The top level is the clan as a whole. Everything below it can proudly say it belongs to the Wintendo clan. The second level contains the divisions, one for each game. There is one division per game, and all squads in that division must be exclusively for that game. Finally, the bottom level is the hundreds of small squads, each led by its creator.

Alright, before you ramble more, explain to me how this all works out.
You got it! You see, if you make a squad, you are its leader. The leader of the squad is responsible for recruting new members, and relaying information to and from the division leader. The division leader is someone assigned by the admin of the site. The division leaders are responsible only for scheduling tournaments between squads both on Wintendo and other sites, as well as relaying match results to the lead admin. The divsion leader has the final say in creating squads (each new squad must be approved by the divsion leader) and has the ability to moderate the squads in any manner nessecary.

Alright, I’ve covered almost everything, so I’ll finish up with tournaments. In addition to unscheduled matches with clans outside Wintendo, there will be scheduled tournaments for squads to participate in. Some will be within the confines of the Wintendo clan, and others may be scheduled on outside sites. Squad leaders are responsible for maintaining an updated roster with all player’s names as well as anything needed to play online with others (for Nintendo WFC this would be a friend code). While Division leaders do all the scheduling dirtywork, it’s the sole responsibility of the squad leader to get its members to show up on time and be ready to play. They are, thus, also responsible for training members and scheduling practice matches. Obviously, extensive information about each tournament will be given beforehand, so there will be no confusion.


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