Posted by: Kevin | October 4, 2007

Finally, Wintendo Launch!

Sigh…What is becoming of the internet these days?

We are approaching the grand launch of  Wintendo, Generation 2. We’d like to get it out there as soon as possible–now is the best time for it. With sites all around dropping out of the ‘business’, it’s now that we will be able to scoop up new users who have left other websites, probably for the better. While I won’t mention any in particular, many sites are simply boring its users and they are leaving, one by one, and moving on to bigger and better sites. One of those will eventually be Wintendo–that is our, the developers’, goal.

We have been working very hard to get this ready for a full-scale launch, and you’ve probably noticed by now that all (Yes, all) of Wintendo’s services are down. These should be back up as-soon-as-possible. But expect some changes along the way–we are debating name changes to some crucial services that better represent their true purposes. More on that soon…

However, not is all fine and well. We have some sad news to bring you; AerialX, a lead programmer, has lost the entire contents of his Hard Drive (lesson learned: Don’t use Mac), and  we have to revert to copies made back almost a month ago–a major setback. So, although I mentioned only a paragraph or so back that we would be launching soon; it’s not going to happen. Wintendo will launch by Christmas 2008 (25/12/07), and you can expect a full-featured launch. That means multiple themes, and the all robust features that we have been ranting and raving about. We hope to finish it early so we have time for extensive beta testing, and many of you may be invited in early to participate in this. We’ll keep you posted.

At any rate, we are really sorry. It’s been rough for us too–it’s a lot harder to make the site than it is to wait for it to be released. So, until we can get it up and running, please don’t think less of us because of how busy we are–instead, tell friends and lightly suggest it at “dying” forums and websites, and you can be assured that when the time comes, Wintendo will be complete, and it will be ready to launch with full celebrations.

Posted by: Kevin | July 28, 2007

New Server

serverSince our current hosting contract has recently expired, we are now switching hosting companies. While we hope this will be as smooth a transition as possible, it may take 1-2 days before everything is set up and fully functional again. Until then, the counter will still be up and in a few days I will post the instructions for migrating to the new server and version of the counter without losing any of the clocked time. Expect to see more updates soon regarding some key features of w2.

PS: Maggie’s third and fourth words are: “release date”. THAT’S RIGHT. NOW GO SEE THAT SIMPSONS MOVIE</advertisement>

Posted by: Kevin | July 20, 2007

wintendo generation|2


wintendo generation|2
The future in gaming has arrived

You may have noticed that the new site is just a counter–that counts up. Like many things in life, Wintendo will never be finished. We may stop developing it, but the site will never be finished. Things in technology and gaming change daily, and with that comes the responsibility to our users to keep the site at the apex of design and programming standards while offering unique and robust features that enable gamers to extract every last bit of functionality from these modern, intuitive games.

wintendo generation|2, or w2, will be released sometime during the beginning of August. Until then, I’d advise you to pay close attention to the counter that has replaced the site… never know what you might find 😉

Posted by: Kevin | July 5, 2007

W2 Updates

It’s been a while since this blog has actually seen some news, so here it is.

AirHead and I are hard at work on w2, the next generation of Wintendo. The backend is getting completely rewriWintendo Litetten, much better optimized and getting the bug fixes that users have been complaining about since the original beta was released. Meanwhile, I’m working hard to try and bring the site fresh new designs that will hopefully appeal to almost anyone’s tastes, while ensuring they will work in all the popular browsers. I’ve got the default theme done, and the report on it will follow shortly. However, I’m also eager to elaborate on another feature of wintendo — IRC and MewServ. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat–the largest and most widely-used protocol for connecting users live, and it is what we use for our live chatrooms. Recently we gained two new IRC servers that are ours to use for allowing users to chat in realtime. With this, we also must develop with IRC in mind, and that’s where MewServ comes in. MewServ is an IRC bot that was programmed by myself almost a year ago; long overdue for additional features and support for website integration. Well, I’m very proud to say that MewServ will soon be integrated with w2, making it much easier to connect users and allow them to access a wide variety of features right from the chatroom. Additionally, with our own servers, MewServ will also be used for many other features like creating private chatrooms for users engaged in a match scheduled on the site, guiding users who would generally be very shy to the IRC network through its features and allowing them to take advantage of its full potential. Read More…

Posted by: Kevin | June 27, 2007

Updates to Wintendo’s Code—and Services

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve taken Wintendo down for now to allow for the major updates the site needs. The internal code is being completely reworked, along with the design and user-interface. However, we have left a few things still up, such as the radio page and the emblem designer. Expect to see us back by mid-July.

Moving right along, we also have some new services to announce. For the first time ever, Wintendo has its own IRC network (with 2 servers!). You can connect via java at the main website or in a client at Additionally, the Wintendo Radio Service has been changed quite a bit and hopefully it should be very stable and with minimal downtime. You can find this linked to on the main website as well. Finally, MewServ for IRC is getting its desperately needed work done, and you can look forward to seeing many improvements and additional features coming your way soon.

That’s all for today. Expect to hear more from AirHead and I about progress in the backend code and user-interface, and design.

Posted by: Kevin | April 21, 2007

Wintendo for Wii

Wintendo for WiiWell as you should know by now, the Wii proudly features a specialized version of Opera’s web browser for surfing the ‘net on your TV! Being the innovators at Wintendo, we are in the process of creating a unique version of Wintendo designed specifically for viewing on the Wii! Being the first Nintendo fansite (excluding blogs using a simple Wii theme for Word Press) that we know of to fully support the Wii browser, we are very excited about releasing this to the public, yet instead of just making it a simple design change, we’re taking it one step further and changing all the features to optimize them for use on the Wii.

While we can’t be sure when this will be done, it will hopefully be ready around the time that Wintendo Lite is released, as it too will support many of W²’s features.

Posted by: Kevin | April 21, 2007

W²??! No wai!!

Wintendo LiteCurrently I’m working on a new theme for Wintendo, currently dubbed Wintendo Lite, but not lite in the sense of less-than-fully featured, but instead a very powerful, bright skin, for those who detest our current dark, black skin. The skin will be the first to fully support W², the new name for Wintendo’s intuitive center for practically everything! I won’t reveal too much, but I must say that you will be using it an awful lot if you want to take full advantage of what this website will have to offer.

Wintendo Lite should be released sometime soon, but it will take a while to fully complete W².

Posted by: Aaron | January 31, 2007

January’s Dev Report

The SiteAs many of you (hopefully) know, we’ve started to develop a new forum system for Wintendo.

For those who don’t, a couple of days before New Year’s Day, kevin and I were talking. Around that time we had been trying to mod the site and add new features. Because the forum system was written by someone else, it was quite the hassle to add new features. For one, they did not take these kinds of modifications into account when writing the site, so that didn’t help us much. And we had to disect the code to find out what it was doing. Ever since I met kevind23 (late August) I’d been bugging him to switch over to using ASP.NET. After a lot of preaching about how much easier it’d be to use it, and the problems that would arise from doing these modifications, we eventually decided that it would be better if we were to write the forums ourselves. Then we would know exactly how they work and adding new features would be simple from then on.

3.pngSo since New Year’s, Wintendo has undergone many changes. The new Wintendo, that is. The current site that’s out there hasn’t been changed it a while, because we’re focusing our time on getting the new Wintendo released as soon as possible. Some screenshots have surfaced, and now today you will know exactly what’s been done over the past month, and what’s left to come.

Let’s start off with what we’ve managed to do so far…
Read More…

Posted by: Kevin | January 28, 2007

Web 2.Aero?

nav-left.pngEver been to the Windows Vista website? Microsoft is finally putting a hell of an effort into their designs, and the results are looking better than ever. Equipped with their new Aero interface, Windows is looking better than ever before! They are now, additionally, styling their website based on the same Aero-esque designs.

Well, I like it. Seeing as how I wanted a solid Web 2.0 design for Wintendo, I think this is it. I’m going to do my best to style a Vista theme for the site. You heard it, and it’s official.

Also, they seem to have redesigned the site between the hours I’ve loaded the page and reloaded it now! Here is the former page design:


Posted by: Kevin | January 25, 2007

Nintendo Cracks Down on ROMs

The following email has spread around the ‘net, originally from Nintendo. It was sent to the ISP of an anonymous individual who used BitTorrent to allegedly download illegal ROMs (although he swears it was a harmless Zelda cartoon).
Read More…

Posted by: Kevin | January 25, 2007

Twilight Princess Secrets

Read More…

Posted by: Kevin | January 24, 2007

Slowly but Surely!

We are gradually progressing on the design of Wintendo v2. Latest screen:

Wintendo v2 Preview 1

Note: Ban IE from the internet.

Posted by: Kevin | January 23, 2007

Dedication or Obsession?

mii.pngHaha, it rhymes. Aaaanyway, moving on…

Check out the site here. This kind sculptor is offering to custom-create your very own, sculpted version of your Mii! Just send in a photo of your Mii to and you’ll be added to the early list for getting your Mii sculpted. The figures are 3.5″ tall and created with Acrylic and Sculpey. Prices are yet to be worked out, but they are supposedly going to be “affordable” (hah, whatever that means).

Also joining in the Mii craze is Mii on a Button; two personalized buttons with your Mii and friend code on it, for $3.50 via Paypal.
So is it dedication, love, or just plain obsession with those cute little Wii creations that inspires us to do these types of things?

The world may never know.

Posted by: Kevin | January 23, 2007

Wintendo Stats 1

Wintendo Stats - Volume 1

Unique Visitors: 288
Number of Visits: 1064
Non-Search Engine Hits: 35715
Top Referring Page:

Statistics by awstats

Posted by: Kevin | January 23, 2007

Why websites are either hit or miss

It’s always interesting to browse different websites–all related–and see which ones always seem to attract the most visitors. It’s interesting to see which site of a group of similar sites comes out on top. Why? Internet surfers today don’t pick websites based on how truly good the website is. Rather, overlooking features and services, people look at a website at its face value. They take into consideration how the page is presented; how it’s laid out, and how it looks overall. You could develop the best site in the entire world, with a comprehensive list of features and free services available, but if it looks bad or is hard to use, people will frankly not go there. That’s what’s key to making a truly efficient and popular site. Read More…

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