Posted by: Kevin | June 27, 2007

Updates to Wintendo’s Code—and Services

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve taken Wintendo down for now to allow for the major updates the site needs. The internal code is being completely reworked, along with the design and user-interface. However, we have left a few things still up, such as the radio page and the emblem designer. Expect to see us back by mid-July.

Moving right along, we also have some new services to announce. For the first time ever, Wintendo has its own IRC network (with 2 servers!). You can connect via java at the main website or in a client at Additionally, the Wintendo Radio Service has been changed quite a bit and hopefully it should be very stable and with minimal downtime. You can find this linked to on the main website as well. Finally, MewServ for IRC is getting its desperately needed work done, and you can look forward to seeing many improvements and additional features coming your way soon.

That’s all for today. Expect to hear more from AirHead and I about progress in the backend code and user-interface, and design.


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